Scent of a mama

I don’t know about other ladies, but when I became pregnant, my skin and hair started changing. It got really, really dry and  I found myself in search of new skin and hair care products. For those of you expecting the “pregnancy glow”, it doesn’t always happen. Instead, you may find yourself with a case of acne or even weird dry red rashes on your face. It definitely doesn’t feel lovely.

One of my goals during pregnancy was to look great. In fact, I think I tried harder while I was pregnant than before I was pregnant. Anyway, I searched and searched online for recommendations on face creams for sensitive, super dry skin and I finally found Origins Mega-mushroom skin relief soothing cream. A bit pricey, but it felt like heaven on my face and it had a distinctive smell that I will always associate with being pregnant and having my firstborn child.

As I applied the cream to my face last night, I paused and wondered if Bailey will associate that smell with his mama too.

The scent of my mama will always be Oil of Olay. She doesn’t even use it anymore, but throughout my childhood, it was her go-to face cream. To this day, anytime I smell it, I think of being snuggled up to my mom as a kid. Warmth, love and safety. I hope B will feel that way about me when he is grown and has his own family…


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