Roly poly baby

Note to self: Bailey is 5 months and one week old. A few weeks ago, he did his first rolls from stomach to back. They were infrequent but completely on his own. Just five days ago, he did his first roll from back to stomach (the harder way – for him at least). Jump to three days ago — every time you put him down on his back, he rolls over to his stomach and starts exploring. He ONLY wants to be on his stomach now. He can turn himself in circles whether he’s on his back or stomach and he can inch his way forward about two feet as well. He’s not super mobile yet, but just the changes in one week are making me realize we need to get on that babyproofing business asap!
Bailey also picks up a ton of new ideas by watching other babies. His first day of daycare was Tuesday (2 days ago). And the next morning, he was on his back grabbing his feet for the first time. He definitely picked that up from the other kids. If he picks up one new skill a day at daycare, he should be walking by the end of September. Gulp! Hopefully, he won’t learn that fast!

Bailey playing on his floor bed

And speaking of daycare, he did great his first day. Within minutes of getting there, he was rolling on to his belly to explore new toys and when I picked him up 6 hours later, he was on his belly exploring new toys. He barely got any sleep, but for being an overtired, overstimulated baby, he sure looked excited and smiley.


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