40 weeks from when??!

three weeks before Bailey was born. Definitely looking pregnant.

Getting pregnant was generally no surprise for us. We had a plan, we were hoping it would happen. And it did. But boy were we shocked to find out that 40 weeks is actually counting from the first day of your LAST period.

I still remember how we found out. Lee was actually in India on a business trip. My dad was visiting for the weekend and had no idea what was going on. I took the test first thing in the morning since it’s the best time of day for Hcg levels. The test was positive. I was shocked. Even when you’re planning on it, I think you’re still shocked when you see the + sign on the stick. I played it cool and went downstairs to breakfast. My dad flew back to Boston that afternoon. I took a second test the next morning just to be sure. Positive again.

Later that day, I was skyping with Lee and he asks, “oh yeah, by the way, did you get your period?” I reply, “do you really want to talk about this now?” meaning while you’re in India sitting in the hotel lobby because the reception is better in the lobby, meaning because this is a momentous conversation and you’re in India!! He says, “sure” and I reply, “nope.” His eyes pop open wider and freeze – the reception/video quality wasn’t that good… or maybe he was frozen in shock. “You didn’t?” I reply, “nope, I’m pregnant!” I ended the conversation by saying, “you should check out how far along we are…”

Later that night, he sent me the following email:

Hi Leslie,

I did some interesting reading online when I was waiting for the restaurant to open for dinner.

I am much more informed now  🙂 I was also shocked to read how the counting works – we are further along than I realized!

It made me wonder whether you are experiencing any symptoms. I am, but the website doesn’t talk about any of the symptoms for the husband. I’m just kidding – I am very excited!

In addition to being excited, I am quite tired, since I woke up at 5:30 AM this morning (which is when I woke up just about every morning). I’m going to bed now. Have a good day at work!



I was one of those people who constantly felt like I was too young to have kids. So when we finally decided to try, I was sure I still had awhile to wrap my head around the idea. Getting pregnant at my advanced age (33 at the time) takes time. Uh, we got pregnant really fast. Well, at least I had nine months to wrap my head around the concept once I got that positive test…not so much. You see, it’s 40 weeks give or take 2 weeks and the clock starts before you even get pregnant. It starts a full month before the earliest moment you might get a positive test.

In the end, I was only pregnant for 36 known weeks, basically 8 months. I found out that I was pregnant on July 13, 2012 and I had the boy on March 11, 2012. The good and bad news is that even after Bailey was born I didn’t feel prepared and yet 8 months was plenty of time to adjust to the reality of having a baby.

Just thought I’d warn those future FTMs who have control issues about that whole 9 months myth. Just saying.


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