I can’t believe it’s not spinach artichoke dip

The remnants of my vegan spinach artichoke dip

Actually, it was spinach artichoke dip but it was vegan which meant it was gluten free and dairy free. And, it was actually delicious. It was mostly gobbled down before I could even get a picture.

A few weeks ago, I attended a going away party for someone at work and narrowly avoided the awesome looking (dairy-full) spinach artichoke dip there. But the image and smell of that dip was stuck in my brain. I decided that I had to experiment with a dairy free version of my own. And I knew the perfect venue for said experiment. That Saturday, I was attending a Bradley method class reunion party and multiple people attending have similar food sensitivities.

The recipe was pretty straight forward and I boldly made it an hour before the party which meant it was going no matter how it tasted. Before I could even explain to people what it was, about half of it was gone. My dairy free friends were sadly eying the dip. I must have looked just like that at the previous party I attended. I quickly told them it was safe to eat and multiple sets of eyes lit up with excitement. The dip was a total success. In addition to being dairy free and gluten free, it’s completely vegan and probably a lot more healthy than the original version.

This gets filed away into my 30 minutes or less recipe folder of deliciousness!


RECIPE NOTES: As usual, I made some adjustments to the recipe cuz I’m lazy. Here’s what I did different: I used fresh mixed Super Greens since I had a package of them. I used a can of artichoke hearts in water cuz that’s what I had in the house. And I used minced garlic from a jar. One last thing, if you’ve never used nutritional yeast before, it is key to this recipe. You can get it in the bulk foods section of Whole Foods. Plus, the silken tofu is not the refrigerated kind. You can usually find it in the “Ethnic foods” aisle.

On a side note, the reunion party was for all the families that took our labor and childbirth class which was a Bradley Method class with Judith Nowlin.

At Judith’s new house, celebrating all the babies

This class was amazing. It met for 12 weeks and each class was 2 hours long. Yes, you read that correctly. I was pretty petrified of going into labor/the whole birth experience and I honestly think that I might not have ever gone into labor if it hadn’t been for Judith’s class.

Everyone in the class agreed that they were completely prepared for labor and childbirth. Of course, there were unexpected moments during each of our labor experiences, but we all felt empowered and prepared thanks to Judith. I highly recommend that you take a longer series of classes if you are a FTM. Our class covered prenatal nutrition, laboring techniques, the stages of labor, all the possible interventions that can happen in a hospital, discussion on how to advocate for yourself at the hospital and more.

The length of the class also provided us with an immediate makeshift band of other couples going through the same experience of first time pregnancy and childbirth. I don’t know about other people, but I found being pregnant kind of isolating especially since I didn’t have any close friends that were pregnant at the time. Having the emotional support of other couples was huge for Lee and me and we continue to keep in touch with some of my Bradley method families.


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