7 month milestones

I need to record this so that years from now or hey even months from now I remember… B turned 7 months on 10/11 and sometime around or before that time, he began to sit up unassisted. If he is laying back on a Boppy pillow, he can pull himself up to sitting, otherwise, you can set him down sitting and he will remain in that position until he decides to roll over and do something else. He doesn’t pull himself up to sitting by himself yet.

Two nights ago, I pulled out the under the knees insert in his little whale bathtub because he had no interest in laying back any more. He now sits up and leans forward to splash the water with his hands. He’s very careful to hold on to one side of the infant tub as he splashes with the other hand (which I find adorable).

A couple of weeks before his 7 month birthday, he also started a version of army crawling. Within just a couple of weeks he has become quite adept at getting around when he wants to. I’ve found him under the end tables by the couch, under the bar stools by the kitchen counter, etc. He also has just started trying to pull himself up on things like the sides of his little bath tub and our legs. Oh boy!

Somehow, the cats aren’t phased at all by this newly found mobility.

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