c-section scar tips and more – help spread the word!

Yesterday I took a class about how to strengthen your core after having a baby. There was one really interesting section on dealing with issues after having had a c-section. While I did not have a c-section, I thought this was worth mentioning in case any of my mama-friends that have had c-sections didn’t know about this.

So, apparently, the incision for a c-section (which is a major abdominal surgery) is very close to the bladder. Once you have healed, you will have a scar and it takes time (even many years) for the scar tissue to relearn how to lay properly. Sometimes, when it doesn’t lay properly, the impacted uterine muscle and other abdominal muscles don’t function as well as they used to. This can cause bladder issues – the bladder feels like it’s full before it actual becomes full because the c-section scar prevents your muscles from stretching and moving naturally as your bladder fills up. I think I explained that semi-correctly. Anyway, the point is that you may want to do some c-section scar massage on yourself.

Lynn Leech, the PT that taught this class has a youtube video showing you how to do it:


So spread the word in case you know a mama who has residual problems and has not been able to get help. You can get better!

p.s. you can also have residual problems with scar tissue from if you tore during a vaginal delivery. This gets a little more intimate, but you can also do scar tissue massage to improve the elasticity of those muscles – this can help mitigate pain during intercourse postpartum especially if it seems like the pain never seems to improve after you have had a little one. Try to find a physical therapist in your area that does intravaginal pelvic work. Crazy right? but you also had a human being come out of your hoohaw…it’s be almost as worth it and a lot less painful, I promise.


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