Being mom can be a lonely job

Dear mom, thank you for all the times you cleaned me up when I was little and I was sick. I can’t imagine how many of my clothes and sheets and your clothes and sheets you had to clean from all those times. Or how many spills you cleaned up when I knocked something over, everywhere.

And thank you for making me the perfect get better tea and the perfect get better soup. I don’t know how you always knew know what will make me better when I’m sick. Especially all those times that dad was traveling and you had to handle both me and Jeff on your own.

Bailey was sick today. I’m hoping it’s a 24 hour bug. I gave him a bath, dressed him for bed, turned down the lights and nursed him. During this nightly ritual, he stops sometimes and grins up at me through the dusky light of the room. Tonight, he did that once, twice and then grimaced. The next thing I knew, he projectile vomited all over the both of us. Awesome… puke all over him, all over me, all over the chair… At least it wasn’t his bed (which I had already completely changed because of an earlier puking session).

Nothing like a hysterical baby laying there as you peel gross layers of clothing off of the both of you. Then I had to get him into new pjs and risk another nursing session before putting him down (on a towel) to go to sleep for the night.

It’s been a long day – Lee’s on his way back from a work trip. B woke up early. I had a full day of work and now this. I’ve never felt more like a mom than I do right now and it’s actually really lonely. Why? Because, all my life, I’ve always been the child – my mom has cleaned me up, comforted me, and most importantly ignored her discomfort until I’m settled. And now, I’m the mom doing all those things. And inside, I’m thinking this sucks! I feel bad for my baby but I really want to take a shower right now, not clean him up and settle him down to then take a shower, to then launder all our stuff, and so on.

It’s lonely being the one in charge of comforting and taking care of everyone. So, I’ll end where I began: thank you mom for… well… being my mom! And if you haven’t said thanks to your mom or dad or whoever was your caregiver growing up, maybe this will inspire you to thank them too.

p.s. I really don’t mean to leave out dads, it’s just that tonight’s events have really triggered a mommy-moment for me…what I probably really mean to say is that being a parent can be a lonely job. So, thank you dad for always being there for me too. I have the bestest parents ever – and I hope I’m have as good as they are at being a parent!

p.p.s And thank you Lee for being an awesome co-parent on this adventure! Though, I have to say, it’s definitely your turn to get puked on!!


3 thoughts on “Being mom can be a lonely job

    1. I say “tonight” as its still pretty dark and there’s something about hauling yourself out of bed in the dark over and over… and again the next night.

  1. What a sweet post. We had a nite like that in Philly a few months ago. 3 parents on hand was not enough. and there is something special about the Mom connection. There just is. Then these sick,yucky,tired moments disappear and the connection remains and it is forever a gift to be a MOM. I know your mom is feeling it this morning!

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