Dealing with congestion when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding

nasopureHaving a bad cold when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding really sucks because you’re not really supposed to take cold medicine or decongestant. You especially shouldn’t take decongestant if you are breastfeeding because it will likely lower your supply. Well, this week I finally got nailed by one of Bailey’s take home viruses from daycare and my head is full of snot! It aches with sinus congestion and I’m still breastfeeding so what do I do?? And then I suddenly remembered my Nasopure. This thing is a miracle worker, and it’s great for everybody. My brother in law Brian uses something similar every day to combat allergies. When I was in my third trimester of pregnancy I used it almost daily because I was so congested. It made me feel so much better even if it didn’t stop my pregnancy induced snoring (likely that went away pretty much as soon as the baby came out!)

If you’ve never tried a Nasopure, NeilMed sinus rinse or a Netipot, it will look really weird and probably seem kind of gross, but, it is a non-medicated way to help relieve congestion due to allergies, colds and other sinus problems. I really think you should give it a try or at least watch a youtube video on how it works 🙂 After one rinse this morning, a giant gob of mucus came out of my nose and I felt instantly better. The pressure across my face was gone and I could breathe through my nose again. You can bet I’ll be using this once or twice a day until this cold has run its course.

p.s. the last two mornings, we’ve asked Bailey to pick out his socks when we get him dressed and he responds by crawling over to his sock basket and picking out a pair.

p.p.s Lee wanted to make sure I mentioned in this post that Bailey is a genius. He’s a genius! That is all.



Happy 11 months!

Bailey figures out how to put the egg in the chute.
Bailey figures out how to put the egg in the chute.

It’s been 11 months and one day since Bailey decided to make his appearance in the world. Believe it or not, it still feels totally bizarre most evenings to know that we have a baby in the other room. Once he’s in bed and I’m in bed, it really seems like it could be two years ago pre-pregnancy, pre-baby…but then I turn off the light, fall asleep and awaken sometime between 4am and 6am because of this baby crying somewhere nearby…oh right, MY baby, I should probably go deal with that.

I don’t know about you, but the one place where I definitely feel different, is at work. My threshold for dumb shit is much lower than it used to be. My interest in pulling long hours and giving 120% all the time to only be given more work has waned. Don’t get me wrong; I still want to do a good job. I want to do interesting projects. And I want to go pick up my kid and see his eyes light up when I’m standing in the doorway at daycare.

Having Bailey has taught me that it’s important to have boundaries at work. In fact, I should have established those boundaries even earlier so I that I could enjoy work/life balance for ME. Now, I stand firm on my boundaries so that I can find the time to go grocery shopping, do laundry, cook meals, spend quality time with Bailey and then fall into an exhausted heap thinking about, not doing a workout video. Man, if I had done that a few years ago, I could have gone to happy hour. I could have done more hiking, biking, climbing, yoga or more. I could have bonded more with friends…oh wait, all my friends border on being workaholics too. I guess that might have been why I pulled longer hours. But I digress, back to Bailey turning 11 months yesterday.

This evening, Bailey was playing with his farmyard activity thingy. There is an area of it with a blue chute complete with a basket of plastic of eggs at the bottom. If you put an egg into the chute, it sets off some music and a light flashes on the other side of the contraption. I’ve been putting eggs through that chute for like a month now, and Bailey either bangs on the area that lights up (trying to get it to light up), or he stuffs the egg in his mouth and chews on it.

Tonight, before I even initiated the motion, he grabbed the egg from me and, to my surprise, he stuffs it into the chute with no hesitation. Fluke? I think not. He practiced doing this for the next ten minutes. He also flicked the giant on/off switch on the activity center as well. I know this seems like such a silly thing to be impressed with, but I thought it was so cool. It’s amazing to me that he seems to go to sleep one night, and then the next day, he exhibits an entirely new behavior. It’s like over night, one last, perfect brain connection was formed as he grew in his sleep and voila, he’s on to a new developmental milestone.

p.s. about five days ago, he started crawling effectively on his hands and knees. I had no idea how much coordination that takes, until I saw him try for the first time. And although, he is quite capable of crawling that way, he mostly resorts to the belly slide when he wants to get somewhere fast. Is this kid gonna be a swimmer? He makes these giant pulling strokes with his arms and slides really fast on his belly to keep up with the cats darting away from him.