He was just standing there

B by the window
B by the window

Two days ago B was standing up holding on to the baby gate and I unclipped his overalls at the shoulders. He looked down and just casually grabbed on to the top of his overalls with both hands. Wait, what?! With both hands? Yes, he was just standing there independently, intently examining his clothes. There was no waver in his stance at all. It was like he has been standing on his own forever.

After a few seconds, it was like he suddenly noticed he was doing it in public and immediately sat down. Yesterday, I got him into a standing position by holding his hand and once he was up, I let go of his hands and he stood there, hands outstretched towards me. And then with a big whine, he collapsed back down and crawled over to me. I guess he just needs a little more confidence, but I think we’re getting close! Not that I’m in a hurry, I was just surprised at how competent he looked doing it since any time you try to encourage him to walk or stand on his own he sounds like you’re torturing him and collapses into a limp puddle of baby 🙂

In other news, he has become super proficient at sliding down the stairs on his belly (feet first). He will crawl down the upstairs hallway to the top of the stairs, carefully turn himself around and find the top step with his toes. Once he’s on the stairs, he does a careful controlled slide down to the bottom. Then he usually wants to climb up the stairs and do it again. The good news is that if you pick he up and walk away, he doesn’t throw a tantrum (yet!) I do sense that toddler tantrums are not far off. Eeek!


I have a one year old

B's first day
From B’s first day…
B and the ever patient Malu
…to 1, with the ever patient Malu

It’s hard to believe that only 7 months ago, I was sitting in my mom’s group for infants at the Parenting Place, and Bailey would just fall asleep on his back in the middle of the circle. These days, he’s too excited and curious about the world to miss a second of it. He’s officially become one of those kids that needs a darker, quieter place away from the activity to fall asleep for his naps. Actually, he’s been that way since about month 5. It’s also hard to believe that we would go out to lunch or dinner back in the day (all of 8 /9 months ago) and I would put my HooterHider (aka nursing cover – who comes up with these names?!)  on, nurse Bailey underneath it, button up and then pull off the cape to reveal a conked out baby. We used to call it my Magic Trick. Here’s a picture for nostalgia. He was sleeping like this in a room of about ten women and babies…

Bailey in a prefold diaper and rumparoo cover in the midst of milk coma
Bailey in a prefold diaper and rumparoo cover in the midst of milk coma

Last Sunday, we celebrated B’s birthday. Although he slept through half of it 🙂 he had a great time. And yes, in the end we did give him his first birthday cake – it was tiny chocolate cupcake that he promptly stuffed into his mouth whole. He seemed very matter of fact about it. No hesitation at all. However, he was also kind enough to offer pieces of it to other people so perhaps not a complete chocoholic? Hard to believe given his ancestry on both sides but we’ll see.

On the morning of his first birthday, he gifted us with a full night’s rest. He went to sleep at 7pm and woke up at 7:30am – with no, I repeat no night feedings! He’s actually been sleeping from bedtime to about 5am for a couple of months now, but he’s had that pesky 5am nursing and then back to sleep until 7am. In fact, the first four nights of his 2nd year on earth outside of me, were exactly the same – asleep around 7:30pm, wake up around 7:30am and that was even with the time change. It was heaven and definitely felt like a trend. He’s had a rockier nights since then that I think have been related to teething and having his 11-millionth cold of the season. I can’t wait til cold season is over!!

His one year stats indicate that he is still a petite child – 18lbs 12oz. which puts him at 5th percentile but also means he’s tripled his birth weight (6lbs 3 oz). He is 10th percentile for height and more importantly he is hitting all his milestones. He is starting to cruise furniture and is happy to push chairs across the room but is hesitant to stand independently. He definitely seems like a smart, inquisitive yet cautious kid to me. So my guess is that he is still working out that whole balancing and walking thing in his head before he’ll attempt it with his body. Everyone thinks it will happen in the next month, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he waits awhile – plus I’m not sure if I’m ready for a walking/running toddler! Eek!! He’s plenty mobile enough on his hands and knees thank you very much.

As he turns one, he is crawling, climbing stairs and cruising on furniture. He loves being held upside down by his dad and sitting atop his shoulders. He loves balloons, playing music and listening to music. He understands a lot of words and will crawl to the bathroom if you ask him to go there. He’ll pick out his socks, etc. He constantly points at things and when you say what it is, he’ll nod and hum in reply. He babbles a ton and we think he says cat and Jack. He’s said mama and daddy but not consistently. He hugs and chases the cats and they don’t seem to mind at all. He loves avocado and meat and cheese the most. He also like pears and blueberries. We’ve tried almond milk, coconut milk and a little cow’s milk and he doesn’t mind any of them. I still nurse him and even still pump at work though my goal is to wean off that in the next week or two. He takes two naps a day – usually at 10-10:30 am for an hour and another at 3pm for an hour to two hours. In the last few weeks he’s pushed back his bedtime to between 7-8pm (it used to be 6-6:30pm). He can take things out of things and put things into things. He absolutely adores all of his blankies – he has one at daycare, one at home and one at my parents’ house. My parents continue to babysit him two days a week and they and he seem to love it. It’s been a busy year full of challenges and wonders and we’ve been loving it.

Here are some picts from his birthday party: