He was just standing there

B by the window
B by the window

Two days ago B was standing up holding on to the baby gate and I unclipped his overalls at the shoulders. He looked down and just casually grabbed on to the top of his overalls with both hands. Wait, what?! With both hands? Yes, he was just standing there independently, intently examining his clothes. There was no waver in his stance at all. It was like he has been standing on his own forever.

After a few seconds, it was like he suddenly noticed he was doing it in public and immediately sat down. Yesterday, I got him into a standing position by holding his hand and once he was up, I let go of his hands and he stood there, hands outstretched towards me. And then with a big whine, he collapsed back down and crawled over to me. I guess he just needs a little more confidence, but I think we’re getting close! Not that I’m in a hurry, I was just surprised at how competent he looked doing it since any time you try to encourage him to walk or stand on his own he sounds like you’re torturing him and collapses into a limp puddle of baby 🙂

In other news, he has become super proficient at sliding down the stairs on his belly (feet first). He will crawl down the upstairs hallway to the top of the stairs, carefully turn himself around and find the top step with his toes. Once he’s on the stairs, he does a careful controlled slide down to the bottom. Then he usually wants to climb up the stairs and do it again. The good news is that if you pick he up and walk away, he doesn’t throw a tantrum (yet!) I do sense that toddler tantrums are not far off. Eeek!


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