He stands!

At the first farmer's market of the year
At the first farmer’s market of the year

Saturday was beautiful and we met up with friends at the Farmer’s Market in Boulder. Bailey was in high spirits and spent most of the day practicing standing up on his own. Oddly enough, he doesn’t pull himself up on something and then let go. Instead, he crawls to the middle of any given space, pushes up into a downward dog, then squats back and stands. He holds this standing pose until he gets the wiggles and wobbles and then collapses down with a giant grin on his face. It is adorable.

Man, Lee’s parents and Ellen and Brian missed this milestone by just days!! Ah well, here is adorable picture of Bailey out to lunch when Lee’s family was in town:

Playing w the slightly dangerous water feature
Playing w the slightly dangerous water feature

Today, he also began his transition into the toddler 1 room at daycare. All the other kids are walking (ie toddling) but B is sure to catch up quickly. Apparently he also kept up just fine crawling around them. After all, for those who may recall, his mother was a fine crawler well past the appropriate age for crawling. In fact, even when she was quite competent at running and jumping she still opted to crawl around quite a bit…

And one last picture to end this post. Here is B and Lee playing piano over the weekend. My two fav boys!20130406_174813_resized


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