What would you name your diet book?

Lee’s been playing around with some diet book titles – who knows maybe we’ll get stupid rich! Let me know what you think and feel free to add your own titles!

  1. Eat your way to thin
  2. Sing your ass off
  3. The no-day diet (the name might be a bit misleading. The diet is that you can’t eat anything on days that end in day – it’s only for extreme dieters)
Already exists...boo!
Already exists…boo!

I actually think that option 1 already exists…Damn! And she’s been on Dr. Oz. We really need to come up with our own here folks!!!

Idea #2 actually probably works better as an idea for a weight-loss reality show aka Dance your ass off – the best weight-loss reality show EVER!

Hmm, so as books go, we’ve only got option 3 as a starting point….might need to keep spit balling 😉

But if we could come up with something as awesome as this:

best weight-loss reality show ever. seriously!
best weight-loss reality show ever. seriously!

I have no doubt that we would be on Dr Oz AND getting the highest ratings on tv that season! And seriously. I really want that show back on the air. It was simply the best. And in case you missed it, here’s a great clip from the last season. And another best moment!


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