incident report!

B gets a note home!
B gets a note home!

Well, I guess I have THAT kid in class. B’s bitten like three kids this week and today he finally got written up for it. I even had to sign the incident report. It’s a milestone in this young man’s life.

To be fair, he is teething like crazy and these other kids do silly things like put their hands in his mouth. But today, he chomped down on poor Delaney when she tried to push by him to get through a doorway. This is the same girl who gave him the sweetest hug this morning as he made his grand entrance into the Toddler 1 room on his own two feet. He walked in the room. She came over and gave him a great big hug. He promptly fell over in her embrace and started crying. Ah! young love.

I’m guessing Delaney’s mom isn’t very pleased… 😦

Note to self (and Lee): I guess it’s time that we stop play-biting Bailey all over his body – it’s just that he laughs so hysterically when we do it! But we may be teaching bad habits here. hmmm.

On a completely separate note, I’m down another 2.5 lbs at my most recent weigh-in. I also tried on several pre-prego pants and was able to button them up comfortable. woohoo! And less than 3 weeks left to go on the ultralite diet!


2 thoughts on “incident report!

  1. I think I was THAT kid… at least I bit your Dad a few times… but look at me now. I haven’t bitten anyone in years. And you thought BA was a college degree. Biters Anonymous. Anyway, I was taken by the teacher’s response. No, thank you. ????

    1. Hah Susan, I was totally a biter up until at lease 5th grade! At least that’s the last incident I remember almost getting in trouble for… and didn’t you know that in gen x/gen y parenting we are supposed to say “no thank you” as a stern reprimand for our children’s feral behaviour?? So far, I haven’t found it to be very effective…

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