Ultralite – week 5: The End!

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I made it y’all!

Five weeks on the Ultralite program and I had my final meeting earlier today. It has been an  incredibly rewarding weight-loss program. I’ve lost weight. I’ve lost inches. I’ve learned about portion control and how to ratio my protein and carbs to maintain good energy through the day.

When I started the program, I had completed four weeks of crossfit (including eating more paleo-style). During the crossfit month, I lost 7lbs, plus a total of 7 inches from various body parts. At the end of the Ultralite month (while still doing crossfit), I lost a total of 11lbs. And in terms of inches, I lost 3.5 inches from my chest, 2.5 inches off my waist, 2 inches off my bootie and 2 inches of my thigh (yep, that’s 10 more inches off my body!). Best of all, I am below my pre-pregnancy weight; I have great energy; and I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Yay! The only thing I’m missing is pictures. boo 😦

Next Steps

For the next month, I will slowly incorporate back higher carb veggies and fruits. In general, I’ll aim for a cup of veggies and about 120 grams of protein at each meal. Generally, I’ll avoid grains, dairy and legumes. I am allowed one serving a day if I want it, but my body just seems to feel so much better without the stuff. It’s nice to have tools that I can use in the future if my energy starts to flag or if my weight starts to creep up.

And now, I’m looking forward to a more varied diet and more varied workouts at the crossfit gym!

p.s. The worst part of doing the diet was not the portioning or the eating tons of green vegetables or depriving myself of sweets and starches. The worst part was the surprising lack of support at my office! My coworkers were constantly trying to get me to go get treats with them. They gave me a hard time about how strict the diet was and they kept insisting that it was just water weight and that it would all come back as soon as the diet ended. It was kind of shocking because on the one hand they would cheer me on about going on the diet, but on the other hand they would try their hardest to drag me to froyo and to get me to cheat. Luckily, I was really committed to following the diet and was prepared for the challenge. In reward, I have gotten a lot of compliments around the office on how much weight I’ve lost and how good I look. In fact one woman signed up with Dr. Tara Skye-Goldin to do the program herself!


2 thoughts on “Ultralite – week 5: The End!

  1. good for you! you must feel terrific… which is so unusual for someone with a one year old! I think people challenge disciplined dieters because they are so undisciplined themselves. It makes them feel “right”. It is inspiring. I might try to cut out carbs for awhile myself… and I can’t believe that you, your Dad and Shawn are all doing the same workout– crossfit! I am impressed.

    1. Thanks Susan. There’s nothing like going on a diet, joining a rigorous gym program and buying and selling a house with a one year old in tow! But making some time for me with the exercise and taking care of me with better foods has really improved my mood and energy 🙂

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