Who let the cat out of the bag??

At 6:53am this morning, the door to our bedroom slowly opens to reveal a small child in footie pajamas. Bailey just stands there in the doorway staring at us. So, which one of you jokers called him up and told him he should open the doors in the morning when he wakes up?? I mean I only told you about our little secret a week ago. And already, it’s out there. Thanks guys! He seemed a little surprised to find himself in our room and I always did wonder what he would do if he opened his door. Would he go downstairs and play or would he come find us? Us apparently. When I asked him if he wanted daddy to change his poopy diaper, he said “no, I want mommy” Sure, now he wants mommy! Well, I sent Lee to change his poopy diaper anyway. That’s the prerogative of a mother who needs her beauty rest 🙂


Later, after breakfast, Bailey tried to give Malu (our cat) his sippy cup of milk. “Here Ma-wu” he said as he stood on a chair stretching up to reach her sitting on a ledge. He’s always trying to share his food, toys and drinks with the cats these days. When she did not take the milk that he handed her, it fell down and hit his knees. Bailey immediately burst into tears of grief, requested to lie down on the couch, and wailed “Why you do that Ma-wu? why you do that Ma-wu?”

After a few minutes, I explained to him that Malu didn’t have hands, she had paws, and so it was hard for her to take things when he handed them to her. After some obligatory kisses on his knees and a good face wipe, he appeared to recover and digest this information. In fact, he got up and apologized to Malu and asked her if she was okay. “Sorry Ma–wu, you okay? You okay?” She was unimpressed by the whole fiasco and remained slightly out of reach on her ledge, calmly licking a paw 🙂



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