Bailey turns 3 and tales from the potty

My  baby boy turns three
My baby boy turns three 

I can’t believe my baby boy turned three just a few weeks ago. It’s amazing to see him grow into a little boy with a precocious, outgoing personality. He is sweet and funny, clever and naughty. He’s charming and extroverted, and sensitive and silly.

For his birthday, we had a small party with breakfast snacks…it turns out that the best time to throw a toddler party is typically 9 or 10am to noon. They’re at their best, having only woken up for the day a few hours ago. And by noon, they make the house look like the morning after a frat party. Truely impressive.

Lee and I noted afterwards what a success the party was. There was no screaming or crying, children were sharing extremely well, the cupcake pinata brought looks of glee to all their faces when candy and gummies fell out the bottom of it. The adults enjoyed the sangria and food. And although, it was less than two hours long, it felt like an all night rager. That my friends is how parents of little kids judge the quality of the soirees they throw.

In other news, I must share my potty training notes here so that I can refer back to them when we have to deal with kiddo number two. I know, I know, I owe you a few blog posts since the last time I wrote a post (pre pregnancy w kid 2, pre birth of kid 2, yada yada). Back to potty training.

We started by offering the potty before baths, before bed and first thing in the morning. And then a month or so later, we went out and bought underpants together. For a couple of weeks, we suggested he wear underpants and he declined the offer ever so graciously. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but one weekend, he agreed to wear underpants for the morning. He peed in the potty with no problem. I think he’s only had a few accidents in the few months we’ve worked on potty training. We’re now down to underpants all the time except for naps and nights. The kicker is that he always, and I mean ALWAYS poops first thing in the morning – pre 7am. More like 6am… and this mama is just not willing to wake up early enough to ask him if he wants to poop on the potty at 6am.

Fast forward to last night – Bailey has a stomach bug. He wakes up at 2am with diarrahea. Lee cleans him up. Thirty minutes later, it repeats. Now it’s close to 4am and it’s my turn. So, I finally have this brilliant idea. I tell Bailey that he should try sitting on the potty. “No, no” he says, between whimpers and cries. I think about it and say, “Bailey let’s sit on the potty and you can watch a video”. I have never seen a little boy run over to the potty and rip his diaper off as fast as that boy did in response to my offer.

Next thing I know, Bailey has pooped on the potty. I clean him up and we even get to practice for another thirty minutes. See how I’m trying to frame this stomach virus thing as a positive event?! We all fell back to sleep around 5am. Just in time to get about 2 hours of sleep before it was time to get up for the day. Yay! 😦

His tummy has continued to be rotten all day which is so sad to watch, but…he is continuing to poop on the potty, so there’s that.

Must go to sleep now. Yawn.

oh wait, one more note for my first time mama friends with boys. Here’s a tip for helping your boy pee when you are out and about in a public restroom. Lift up the seat of the toilet, make sure the rim is clean, help them stand on the front rim of the bowl and tell then to aim for the water in the bowl. If they are nervous about standing on the rim, you can also hold them across the toilet, with legs together and their penis aimed at the bowl. I would have never have thought of that on my own but it works like a charm. You’re welcome.

Have any tips for how you potty trained your kiddo? Share with me!

xoxo Leslie